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Updates and News


9/29/2023 - 2022 Virtual Annual Meeting

To view online please follow: << LINK TO VIRTUAL MEETING >>

2022 Financials: <<LINK TO FINANCIALS>>


9/26/2023 Building Update

Stop by our new location! We have officially broken ground on the new headquarters for Toledo Police Federal Credit Union! We are directly across from Genesis Village, and next door to the IUOE Local 18, Heavy Equipiment Operator's Union. We will begin posting pics as soon as there is something to show! 


exterior view 1 of new building

Exterior view 2 of new building

Interior view 1 of new building

interior view 2 of new building





This may seem obvious, but if someone says you have money coming to you but you didnt do anything to earn that money, IT IS MOST DEFINITELY A SCAM! Please remember the IRS or Social Security will never contact you by phone and they WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER (they already have it).

If you receive a phone call from anyone who wants your personal information, we highly reccomend hanging up, and calling that company/organization back through a verified number. This way, you ensure you are always talking to people representing the actual organization.

If you receive a W2 for unemployment that you didnt receive, contact your tax preparer IMMEDIATELY

Keep your personal and financial information safe and secure. We reccomend hand delivering your inportant tax documents whenever possible. Please dont place yourself in a situation where your valuable information could become lost or stolen.




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